Tattoos have become extremely popular over the past couple decades, increasing in popularity and the stigma surrounding them has been slowly dissipating. They are a big commitment and if you are considering getting a tattoo, these tips will hopefully help you come to a concrete decision on whether you should go get inked or not.

Why Do You Want One?

It is good to consider exactly WHY you want a tattoo, there are no rules or set reasons to want a tattoo but there is such a thing as wanting one for the wrong reasons.

Some wrong reasons would include getting a tattoo just because they are trendy, or being pressured into getting one from someone else, especially if they are pressuring to get a particular design. Due to the permanence of tattoos, getting something that someone else has chosen or made you get has a high risk of being something you may regret in the future.

By considering whether you are getting one for a good reason, for yourself and no one else and do not think you will regret it in the future, will ensure you make the best decision for yourself.

Do You Have the Money?

Tattoos can vary in price depending on the size of the design. It also depends on whether you have a design ready to go, or you want something drawn up by the tattoo artist. This can make the price dramatically different than if you had something you designed yourself.

The price can also vary on which establishment and artist you choose for your tattoo. It is good to seek a consultation with a tattoo parlour beforehand in order to determine a price for you and your tattoo design from an established tattoo parlour.


Having the artist tattoo your body is only half of the full process, the other half occurs during after-care. You have to be vigilant when taking care of your freshly done tattoo, as it is a wound and requires adequate time to heal properly.

Not allowing your tattoo to heal properly and allowing it to scab too much may result in your tattoo fading significantly right away.

If you do not have the time to take care of your tattoo, it may be best to wait until you have some time in your life where you can allow for the after-care process.

There are lots of online resources instructing you how to take care of your tattoo immediately after.


After coming to the conclusion that you are getting a tattoo for the right reason, you have the right amount of money and are able to care for your tattoo afterwards it is best to do some research into what tattoo parlour and artist you want to do your tattoo.

Use online resources in order to find customer reviews and come to a knowledgable conclusion about a certain parlour. There will be a reputable parlour within all major areas in the UK, including Tribe Tattoo in two major Scottish cities, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Making sure you choose a professional studio will make the difference in making sure your tattoo is done safely and to a high-quality standard.

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