Over the years, the latest cosmetic treatment trends for both men and women have changed and advanced drastically. At present, you can essentially do anything you want to your body in order to achieve your desired ‘perfect’ image. People often turn to cosmetic treatments to address any small-scale insecurities they may have with their bodies as a way to combat any anxiety related to their issue. These kinds of procedures are also referred to as ‘tweakments’, often done in small doses to maintain a natural look.

Lip Fillers

Lip fillers have boomed in popularity in the last couple of years after Kylie Jenner’s well publicised lip transformation. If your lips are something which you’ve never been happy with, then lip fillers are definitely worth considering. With the dramatically increased demand for lip fillers, comes an increased amount of poorly or at times untrained people claiming to be able to do lip fillers so make sure you do your research before deciding on who to go with. Read reviews and copy the doctor’s name into google to find out their reputation.

Chemical Skin Peel

Chemical peels are the latest in cosmetic skin care treatment. During the procedure, dead skin cells are removed by brushing chemicals onto the surface of the skin. As well as removing skin cells, this procedure also stimulates the growth of new ones and is widely considered to give you younger looking skin. Chemical peels come in superficial, medium and deep. Superficial peels remove the top layer of skin cells while medium removes the top and middle layers and deep peel affect the deeper layers of skin. Superficial and medium peels will need regular treatments to maintain the effects while deep peels are only needed once and have a lasting effect.

Teeth Whitening

The quest for the perfect smile has become far more achievable thanks to the introduction of affordable teeth whitening products onto the market. The only treatment on our list which does not require a trained professional to carry out the procedure, there are a number of whitening products on the market which you can use to whiten your teeth yourself. Crest whitening strips are one of our favourites which are relatively cheap and highly effective. If you want to go all out then veneers are also a good option although need to be fitted by a dentist and are considerably more expensive.

Tixel Treatment

TIxel treatment is possibly the least known on our list. The latest anti-wrinkle treatment, Tixel uses thermal energy to take away the signs of wrinkles, sun spots and thread veins leaving skin looking younger and more radiant. This treatment is ideal for those looking for younger skin but don’t like the needles or fillers associated with botox. There are very few clinics which have the technology to carry out tixel treatment. Snowberry Lane in Melksham, near Bath has in a very short space of time managed to establish itself as a pioneer in tixel treatment. If you can’t make it to Bath then there are a growing number of clinics in London also.

Penile Prosthetics

Over the past few years, penile implants have advanced quite dramatically. There are now a number of different implants available on the market using different technologies. It may make you squirm but there are a number of different reasons why you may be thinking about getting a penile enhancement. As with all of our treatments it is important that you do your research into the doctor and clinic you choose for your procedure as botched jobs can cause irreversible consequences. Clinics like London Urology Associates are a specialist urology clinic which also provides certain cosmetic treatments, including penile implants. Choosing a specialist clinic like this minimises the risk of problems occurring.

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