Tampon packaging is traditionally ugly and unattractive for women to be carrying around the product in their bag.
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For a lot of women the use of tampons is something in which they’ve been led to believe should be a private topic. Although, that time of the month is something in which half the population of the world will have to experience throughout their lives.

So why get embarrassed about using these products? It’s obvious that the packaging of these products doesn’t make the products the nicest looking to be on show.

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The use of deep contrasting colours shown in the photo above is another example of what you’d expect to see for tampon packaging in local corner shops and supermarkets. The use of deep contrasting colours for the packaging design makes the product look like it’s for medical purposes- this isn’t good because it further pushes home that, like other medical products, this should be something that you keep private and don’t reference.

Fémme are looking to chance how people view the use of tampons

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Fémme worked together with award winning creative and design agency Pearlfisher to design and construct packaging which would remove the stigma surrounding the use of tampons. Their tampon packaging has successfully done so. The use of light, canvas colours proves to create the perfect pallet for these products.

The packaging itself is so unique and slick that you’d never even know that it’s the packaging for tampons.

This move away from the traditional product packaging that we’ve came to associate with tampons is what we consider to be a move in the right direction.

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