The main task of a model is to blend in with the vision of the designer, but privately they opt for the originality. As they are followed by millions of people, their hairstyles become a trend to follow as well. Check the most iconic hairstyles of the most popular models of all time.

When Karlie Kloss cut her hair, the press immediately began to talk about model metamorphosis. The New York Times even gave the name of this type of haircut. What? Of course “Karlie”.

A similar hairstyle has been worn by Arizona Muse for a long time. Romantic and girly image looks fresh and makes you look younger. In addition, it fits to every type of face.

Alexa’s Chung popular bob (so her style as well) has become the inspiration for many women around the world. And although her head was usually in so called  controlled  mess – the hairstyle was always chic and stylish.

And when it comes to a mess, here you have an icon in the fashion world, Freji Behy Erichsen’s hairstyle. Remember that the crucial thing is a propercutting to obtain an effect of slack clearance (without unnecessary modeling).

The queen of metamorphosis has always been Agyness Deyn. Although today is brunette again, in a memory of most people she will always be associated with stylish platinum. Similarly, Kristin McMenamy, whose long blonde hair, was perhaps the most recognizable haircut in the world of modeling.

Cindy Crawford‘s ultra-smooth haircut has also become a classic. Model has been wearing it for years and for every occasion. The fashion stylists revealed that they rarely even prepares her for photo shoots.

And at the end, loving hairstyle changes – Linda Evangelista. Although today model’s hair looks quite different, a few years ago, she was famous for her simple male hairdos. And it always looked 100% feminine.

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