Each of us has its own tiny, proven ways to improve the condition of the hair. Here you have some simple solutions that sometimes we don’t even think of or forget about them. Check out this little reminder of what to do to take better care of you hair.

Should I sleep with my hair tied?

There is no single universal solution. To a large extent, it will depend on your ‘nighttime activity’ and the hair length. If you sleep peacefully, you can leave the hair loose but if you tend to change positions often, it is better to tie them lightly. But remember to tie them loosely. Too strong tightening at night can intensify greasing of the hair, so it is better to choose loose bindings. What also might result convenient are braids or bending the hair up which will slightly lift them at the base.

Straighten your hair gently

Find the lowest temperature at which your hair can be straightened. You can even turn off the straightener and wait for a moment to cool it down slightly and see if your hair is not straightening even below the minimum temperature setting.

You always comb your hair well before running the straightener. If they are tangled and matted the possibility of damaging them is way higher.

Watch out for thermoprotective cosmetics

Many of them instead of protecting your hair, works to their disadvantage. Remember to let them dry completely, especially if you use a cream moisturizer  product. If you do not give it time to dry, it may have an opposite effect and harm the hair significantly. So, always straighten only completely dry hair. Nothing is more harmful than straightening when they are still a bit wet.

Linseed is the best for your curls

No store conditioner has beaten linseed gel on my hair and thanks to it I have plenty of beautiful waves and curls on my head. Add a few tablespoons of linseed to a boiling water, keep them on a small gauze until the gel thickens. I put it on wet hair and leave it to dry. Later, gently separate the stiffened locks and comb them.

Replace your scissors for the sharp ones.

Especially if you often cut the ends on your own. Few scissors are sharp enough to cut ends without crushing them. So choose professional scissors from the hairdressing shop. Also make sure that your hairdo’s scissors are sharp – if after the last cut you see the mass of the split ends, it does not necessarily have to be a matter of not caring of them well enough. Maybe it’s high time to change the hairdresser?

Choose the right care to your hair type

If you have very damaged and dry hair, you may be able to use the method of applying conditioner before and after washing. You can choose light one with natural composition, and after washing, apply a stronger one, for example the one that contains silicones. This method works on extremely dry and damaged hair, for example after strong hair lightening.

If you do not have a conditioner at hand, reach out for a cream …. And put it before washing. I recommend putting those with aloe vera and bee wax.

What are your hair care ideas? What do you do to make your hair look better and healthier?

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