Do you use a lot of products for your damaged hair, shampoos, masks, conditioners and your hair still lacks of brightness, suffer from dryness or do not have the right volume? Perhaps your problems can be solved with a use of those simple tricks that will give them a natural look and a strong structure.


  1. Washing

It may seem obvious but not all of us are aware that this is the crucial part of the hair care which main aim is to clean the skin of your head, not solely the hair. This is why it is the best to massage the shampoo into the scalp without rubbing your hair, just gently drag your fingers over them. The foam that will be created will wash the hair anyway, however rubbing the strands will make them break  and dry up even harder.

  1. Conditioning

Applying nutrients is absolutely vital after every wash, because even the most expensive shampoo will not give such effect like a conditioner. Even applying it only for a minute will make your hair smoother, shinier and easier to comb. You can see the effects of using regularly nutritional supplements after a few times. Properly moisturized hair is not that vulnerable to damage caused by high temperature of a dryer or a straightener.

  1. Nutrition

Many of us assume that the mask and conditioner is the same product. Conditioner improves only the appearance of your stramp, while the mask is designed to reinvigorate and provide with nutrients. You should use it 2-3 times a week, leaving it on the hair for a few minutes. Masks shouldn’t be used too often as you can “overnurish” your hair and get the opposite effect.

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  1. Protection

The last part of a proper hair care is protecting the endings of your hair from the damage and split. To do it well, use a special regenerative serum or an oil. Apply few droplets on the lower part of your dry hair. It will make your hair more resistant to all kinds of mechanical damages.


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