In the new season, boho waves will give the way to a heavy cut hair and natural head mess, which surprisingly requires a bit of a professional styling. Hairstyles in the retro aesthetics of the 70s are replaced by the unruly fringes inspired by the rockstar singer Blondie. Designers are offering us easy hairstyles that right away change the appearance. These include ladies mohawk hairstyle, buns on the top of the head and messy fringes on aside. 2017 belongs to the simple, loose haircuts with the spirit of youth. We remain with our natural hair colours, but without a fear to experiment with their length!

Fringe from the 80s

We’re saying goodbye to a fringe a’la Jane Birkin and welcome the hairstyle of the next decade. I’m talking about a frayed, straight cut fringe in the rock style of the 80s. It is definitely attracting attention, so we wear it in a duet with shorter, punky cut hair. This courageous variant will look especially well on blondes, giving them a glam rocky look.

Razored, piecy, disconnected, platinum blonde hair. Bob. Short Bob.Short bangs. Baby bangs.:

Ladies Mohawk Hairstyle

This mohawk is a female hairstyle destined not only for very short hair. This new season, the fringe is stylized to the back and high up. We can give it a popular “wet look” or gently comb it back. The rest of the hair is loose. To give it more punk style, we can style them to the sides or weave tiny braids.

Boho Braids

Designers finally got bored with simple boho waves and decided to spice up a bit this amazing hairstyle. Now the natural style is emphasized by delicate plaits weaved just right next to the ears. We wear them with freely loosened hair with the obligatory parting in the middle. This hairstyle goes perfectly with floral dresses that will take your look into real boho level.

Buns on the top of the head

In the next season we are still keeping up with the hipster buns on the top of the head, accompanied by freely loosened hair. This time the fringes and strands are gathered from the front of the head and turnt into two “snails” at the top with a central parting. This is a simple trick to deal with messy hair falling to the eyes and the way to look original.

Fringe on a side

Changing your parting is the easiest way to refresh your hairstyle. Especially when you have a long fringe! Alexander Wang has shown this hairstyle on his last runway, proposing a slightly messy, holiday pose as we have just came back from swimming in the ocean.

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